Wednesday, June 5, 2013



 A.J. Holmes

Brian Holden

Carlos Valdes

Chris Allen

Chuck Criss


Clark Baxtresser

This Is The End (AVPSY)
Get In My Mouth (AVPSY)
When I Was (AVPSY)
Everything Ends (AVPSY)

(Unsung Starkid - HMB)
Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight

(Judas Redux)

(ANI: A Parody)

Long Ago And Far Away
Strike Back
With My Own Eyes
The Force (You Got It)
Haunted By The Kiss
One In A Million
Back On Top 

Darren Criss

Harry (AVPM)
 I Wanna Be (S)

Eric Kahn Gale

Grant Anderson

Boy Toy  (LWL)

Kaley McMahon


Matt Lang

Mark Świderski


Meredith Stepien

Loved and Alive (JATP)

Nick Gage

Nick Lang


Pierce Siebers

Scott Lamps 

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