Wednesday, June 5, 2013



 A.J. Holmes

Brian Holden

Carlos Valdes

Chris Allen

Chuck Criss

Clark Baxtresser

This Is The End (AVPSY)
Get In My Mouth (AVPSY)
When I Was (AVPSY)
Everything Ends (AVPSY)

(Unsung Starkid - HMB)
Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight

(Judas Redux)

(ANI: A Parody)

Long Ago And Far Away
Strike Back
With My Own Eyes
The Force (You Got It)
Haunted By The Kiss
One In A Million
Back On Top 

Darren Criss

Harry (AVPM)
 I Wanna Be (S)

Eric Kahn Gale

Grant Anderson


Kaley McMahon

Matt Lang

Mark Świderski


Meredith Stepien

Nick Gage

Nick Gage

Nick Lang


Pierce Siebers

Scott Lamps 

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