Thursday, June 6, 2013




Music and lyrics: Darren Criss


Sung by:  Joey Richter
    Character: Bug.

[You can hear it also in Kick It Up a Notch!]

It's a big, big, universe
So many dimensions
And unanswered questions...

Not to mention, life
What an invention, life

There's no choice involved in what you are given
One mind, one voice, one body to live in


It's a short, small thing we lead
With so much potential
Pointless or essential
Which one can I be?

Where do I fit?
Where do I stand?
Who are they to say what I am?
And how can I stay inside this awful world I know?

And I need a way out
I need an escape
I'd rather be dead than to live in this place
I wish that something or someone could just take it all away
Someone take me away...


You are that someone
You are my chance

At having life
Lead me by the hands

You are the one
The moment I've been waiting for

And I'm gonna hold on
And not think twice
I'll stay with you
No matter the price

February, I am ready
For a brand new day

So take me away...

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