Friday, November 29, 2013

I Steal Everything


I Steal Everything

Lyrics: Kaley McMahon
Music: A.J. Holmes

Sung by: Jeff Blim,
Meredith Stepien, Joe Walker, 
Robert Manion, Denise Donovan, Jim Povolo.

   Characters:  Aladdin, citizens.

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Want food but got no money
I'm screwed, or so it seemed.
That's why I came up with this brilliant scheme:
Just steal everything!


For real, I'm not that picky
I'll steal whatever's in sight
Don't judge, 'cause you don't understand my plight
 Hey, my crutch!
Nah, nah, loser! I steal everything!


Did you know this barbaric country?
They'll only give you money if you work.
Thanks, but no thanks - the man.
I'll keep stealing all I can
Instead of being a fascist yuppi jerk.

Hippie! Fucker! Slacker! Sucker!
Who would seek employments
When life offers her enjoyments?

Anything I get I can get for free
Besides, the economy's shit
 So I make haste for making exits.

Get chased by a murderous mob
Hey man, still beats getting the job
Am I right?


Asshole! Oh, wow! Douchebag! Hey, now!
Just one question: why, man?
'Cause you stole my daughter's hymen
That's completely fair, but in my defence:
Dude, your daughter's hot!

I feel that it's my duty to steal, 'cause stealing's an art
I'll steal clothing and shelter, whatever I lack
Candy from babies, the shirt off your back!

Credit indentities, thunder and seams
And intellectual property, whatever that means.
And if you'll look closer
This poor little orphan will steal your heart.

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  1. *I'll keep stealing
    *still beats getting a job