Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ginny / Cho Chang


Ginny / Cho Chang

 Music and lyrics: Darren Criss

Sung by: Darren Criss.
   Character: Harry.

Studio: Ginny / Cho Chang. / LC11



You're tall and fun and skinny / pretty
You're really, really pretty / skinny
 Ginny / Cho Chang

I'm/You're the Mickey to your/my Minnie
I'm/You're the Tigger to your/my Winnie
Ginny / Cho Chang!

You're hotter than Laura Linney / I wanna take you to the city
Wanna / gonna take you out to dinney /
Ginny / Cho Chang!

You're cuter than a guinea pig
Wanna take you up to Winnipeg
That's in Canada

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny... / Cho Chang...

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