Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Creative Team

Julia Albain (director)
Clark Baxtresser (music director)
Corey Lubowich (production designer)
June Saito (costume designer)
Sarah Petty (lighting designer)


Jaime Lyn Beatty
Lauren Lopez
Meredith Stepien
Brian Holden
Jim Povolo
Joey Richter
Brian Rosenthal
Dylan Saunders
Joe Walker
 (Darren Criss)


Clark Baxtresser
Megan Cox
Charlene Kaye
Tomek Miernowski
Dave Scalia


Me And My Dick/Ready To Go
This Is Where The Trolley Ends
Team FartKid
Dialogue Worth $35
This Really Sucks For Me
The Sexiest Band In North America

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