Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gettin' along


Gettin' Along

Music and lyrics: Darren Criss
Sung by:  Dylan Saunders and Joe Walker.
     Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Dolores Umbridge, together.
LIVE: Space Tour
I bet,
You're the one who gets
All of the boys to buy you things.

I'm sure,
That you get all the girls
To beg you for their wedding rings.

I like your twisted humor!
I like your mystic rumors!
I'd say we can assume we're
Gonna get along!

You're not
Like average Joes
Or Jims or Tims or Johns.

And I'd wager
That you'd never run from danger
With those muscles made of bronze!

I can safely shout
Without a doubt
That it won't take very long...

Before we're getting
And not regretting
Ever setting on gettin' along!

You are a beautiful sample!
For example,
My gosh you're so strong!

What's the matter with me?

Now you're just flattering me!
Oh, how we're both just gettin' along!

I've never felt this way before...
Felt how?
Um, intimidated...

You have such prominence and poise.

Oh, that ol' thing.

Baby, it's just me, Dumbledore
So just try to relax
Face the facts:
You feel just like one of the boys!

One of the boys? I do?!
You sure do baby!

Yes sir,
You're the one professor
That'd I'd want detention from!

You're the handsome wizard
That'd I'd want an extension from!

I'll get the door!

You'll get much more!
Either way we can't go wrong...

With how shamelessly
And how famously
We're both just getting' along...

We'll be get, get, gettin'
Get, get, gettin'
Gettin' along!

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