Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The American Way


The American Way

Music and lyrics: Nick Gage & Scott Lamps

Sung by:  Brian Holden, Joe Walker, Jeff Blim, Meredith Stepien, Chris Allen, Team Starkid.
    Characters: Superman, Batman, Sweet Tooth, Citizen, Two Face, Citizens, Rogues.
Truth and liberty and justice
All are in jeopardy tonight
All we cherish here, and all the values that we hold dear
Are in the balance tonight.

'Cause we're American, and it's America, and in America
We do what's right.

The firetruck's here for the kitty in the tree

Oh, the American way!

And if the cops can't come, you can always call on me
That's the American way!
Because I can, therefore I will.


Tonight it's personal, I'm unleashing my arsenal
To rain blood tonight.
Tonight, I'm gonna save my bro, and if all the city has got to go
Then so be it.

Cause it's America, and I'm American, and in America
I do what I like.

If money can't fix it than I haven't found it yet

Oh, the American way!

Be a born billionaire and have your butler build a jet
That's the American way!

Because I can, save my chum
Do what I have to. I'm my own boss, man.

Tonight we're taking back the town
We've got a bat trap set
We're gonna catch the clown
In America tonight.

We've got a warhead ready in the water supply
Tonight The Bat and his bull won't fly
So Robin, goodnight!

Cause it's America, and we're American, and in America
We fight!

Never gonna win ‘til your enemies are dead

Oh, the American way!

Spreading dread and blowing up their heads
That's the American way!

Because I candy do as I please
I'm spreading chocolate, baby, on Gotham's cheese.

The letter of the law is a capital "S"
Oh, the American way!

We're all just pawns in a fuckin' game of chess
That's the American way!

A briefcase filled with two dollar bills
Oh, the American way!

Inheritance trust funds, million dollar bills

That's the American
Not quite Canadian
Most of us are Mexican

American way!

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