Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Power In Me


The Power In Me

Lyrics: Kaley McMahon
Music: A.J. Holmes

Sung by Rachael Soglin and Dylan Saunders.
Characters: The Princess and Ja'far, together.

Album:  iTunes / Amazon / Sheet
Bonus album: iTunes 
Demo by A.J. Holmes and Andrea Ross
Karaoke: iTunes 

What will I do without you to guide me?
When I am lost, where will I turn?
So many doubts and fears inside me
I'm just a child,
I've so much to learn

You remind me of someone
I knew long ago
You have her eyes
You have her heart
That's why I love you so
And that's how I know

Somewhere deep within you
Like a tiny seed
Waiting to grow into a flower
You have the power to lead
You've done your best to heed me
But you don't need me as a guide
For it's been in you all along
The power inside

If I do have power
Beyond what meets the eye
The source of all my hidden value
Is the morale you supply
If I'm capable of greatness
It's not innateness, don't you see?
You're the one who put it there
The power in me

Do not be fooled by appearances
For though it may seem small
The power to love one another
Is the greatest power of all

No matter where life leads us
We'll never be apart

Through thick and thin
Success or ruin
I'll carry you in my heart

And I will treasure forever
What the world will never see
 You are kind, and that's enough
You're a diamond in the rough
And you are the power
The power in me
The power in me


I wish you didn't have to go
When our story's just begun 
Then I wish you every happiness
It is done.

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