Monday, June 17, 2013

Robin sucks!


Robin Sucks!

Music and lyrics: Nick Gage & Scott Lamps

 Sung by:  Meredith Stepien, Jim Povolo, Lauren Lopez,
Julia Albain, Denise Donovan, Nick Strauss, Nico Ager.
Characters: Geeks, Commissioner Gordon & Citizens.
Batman doesn't need a sidekick
Undermines his whole aesthetic
Whole thing just gives me a headache
Robin sucks!

He may be a solid dude
But Batman he needs solitude
Robin makes him freakin' cute
Robin sucks!

Tanya said that Larry said
That Sarah said he wets the bed
He probly does, he's only ten
Robin sucks!

Robins aren't scary
They're completely ordinary
Might as well call him canary
Freakin' Robin sucks!

Robins are so common
They're the state bird of Wisconsin
So, what else do you need to know
Robin sucks!

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