Friday, November 29, 2013

Dream A Little Harder


Dream A Little Harder

Lyrics: Kaley McMahon
Music: A.J. Holmes

Sung by:   
Dylan Saunders, Robert Manion, Nick Gage,
Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Alex Paul,
Joe Walker, Jeff Blim, Meredith Stepien
Ja'far, Citizen1, Baker, 
Mother/Belle, Girl1, Girl2,
Librarian, Citizen2, Girl3,  citizens.

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I look around the kingdom
And see the desperation
And the devastation that persists
No matter what I do

But today could be the day
I finally make a difference
And all the grateful citizens
Will say to me...

Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!


Why don't we have enough to eat?
Why are we dying in the street?
Why does my baby always cry?
Why did my mommy have to die?

Mine too
Mine too
Mine too
Mine too
Mine too

The answer here
Is crystal clear
Ja'far, that ugly old vizier
He's the reason for our many woes

Though we're upset
We shouldn't fret
We mustn't let ourselves forget
The saying every child raised within the kingdom knows:

You got to dream a little harder
When life won't go your way
Simply dream a little harder
Trust me when I say

That when you dream little harder
You're sure to follow through
Cause if you're good and you're attractive
No need to be proactive

Good things will just happen to you


Why is the kingdom plagued by theft?
Why are there no more good jobs left?
Why does the sun go down at night?
Why is everyone in the kingdom white?

Um, Ja'far?

No man who's just
Could ever trust
A face that triggers such disgust

His twisted features give me such a chill

So let us pray
That one fine day
That evil man will go away

'Cause if we want it bad enough, he will

For if you...
...dream a little harder
You'll get what you desire
Dream a little harder
When things are looking dire

If you dream a little harder
Success is guaranteed
If you are sure of your intention
Some magic intervention

Will give you the edge that you need


I know that I'm no prize
I'm not so easy on the eyes
I can't rely on looks to get me by

But ugliness permits
A man to use his wits
Cause pretty people never have to try

I hear the people whisper
As I walk about the streets
I know they call me

Ugly old Ja'far!

What I call planning
They call scheming
What I call delusion
They call dreaming

Why am I the only one
Who sees things as they are?

Wish a little stronger...

I need six eggs
Why not buy some?
Hope a little bigger...

I want to fly
That's unrealistic
Think a little louder...

I want to be a cat
Fuck you

Whistle while you swallow
A spoon full of sugar
And your dream will come true
Upon a star...

Dream hard enough, my friend
Ja'far will meet a violent end
He could be skewered by a sailing ship

Or hanged in tangled jungle vines
Or eaten by hyenas
Or he'll plummet to his death
From a castle

A clock
Or a cliff

And if we dream a little harder...
Our patience and our honor
Will rid us of that ugly old Ja'far!
Fuck you!

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