Tuesday, April 7, 2015

You gotta go


You Gotta Go

Music and lyrics by Jeff Blim

Sung by 
Lauren Lopez / Jaime Lyn Beatty /
Rachael Soglin / Jeff Blim / Corey Dorris, 

SonDaughter /
Mother / Father Grandpa.

Album: iTunes / Amazon

Live:  A Very Starkid Reunion (Son)

When the darkness surrounds you
And the light is all but out

There's still a fire deep inside you
That will find the nearest route

It starts as a whisper

You feel a rumbling, an itching at your soul
You can't hold it any longer
As the urge keeps growing stronger
And then you know

You gotta go when you gotta go

Close your eyes, give it a shove
Go! You gotta go
It's time to let go of your love

The time we had together

Was all that I had left
Go, go, go!
'Til you can't go anymore

Wait, I might just make it

I found my second wind
The pain's not bad I can take it
I think I can hold it in

Help me to my feet

You will have to carry me
No! Put me down
My limbs are growing weak
Is this the end I see?

Oops, I guess there's more

I saw a porcelain door
But there's one last thing to say
So come real close

You gotta go when you gotta go

It's time to get the hell out of here
Go! Get, get, get go!
I don't want a single tear

I'll always be inside you

Even when I'm all dried up
Go, go, go!
'Til you can't... anymore...

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