Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mamd / Ready to go


Me And My Dick / Ready To Go

Music and lyrics: A.J. Holmes, Carlos Valdes, Darren Criss

Sung by: 
Joey Richter, Joe Walker, Brian Holden,
Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez, Meredith Stepien,
Brian RosenthalDylan Saunders,
Girls, BrianR&DylanBrianH&Joey
Jaime&BrianR, Dylan&JoeLauren&Meredithall.

[Check out: Me And My Dick / Ready To Go]

I wake up in the morning
And it's nothing new
Run through my mind for hours
Still I just want you

You're all I want, you're all I need
My love for you
Just grows the way you do
When I love you

I wanna hold you all night long
And cuddle 'till we're blue
I'll hold you in a tight embrace
I know it seems taboo

But I have to have you with me now
I have to have you quick
I love you more than anything


I like being with you
(I like being with you)
And you like being with me
(You like being with me)

We're just the best of friends
As anyone can see

People say, it's quite unlikely
The two of us should stick
But I just tell them... hey!
It's me and my... 


We'll stick together
(We'll stick together)
Fight through thick and thin
(Fight through thick and thin)
If we stay side by side
There's no way we can't win

Any girl that's out there
(Any girl that's out there)
Any girl at all
(Any girl at all)

When she gets going with us
She's sure to have a ball!


People say, how do you do it?
How can you be so slick?
But I just tell them... hey!
It's me and my...
Morning, campers!

 Look at me, with my pigtails so tight
You'd think that I might explode, right?
Look at me, with my arms in a twist
Not alarming I missed the right road

It's not too late
To turn around
And find a better way

It's not up to fate
To lay the groundwork
For a better day!

You gotta, shake it up
Put your hair down darlin'
You really need to unwind

I gotta pick it up
'Cause my life is calling
Me on the other line
Morning, girls!

It's time to start over
And today is like
The first day of the year

So get that chip off my shoulder
'Cause its weighing me down
And keeping you right here

I want to get out
See the great big world out there

It's time to set out
'Cause I feel
There's something in the air

I might be losing my mind
But there's one thing that I know:
That I'm finally ready
So ready to go!
Hey Dick, does
My hair look alright?
Hell yeah, buddy
You're a sight to see

 'Kay good.

Listen up
Just try to relax, 
Cause a mishap's
The last thing I need

I wanna rise up
To the next level
Get off this middle ground

I've got this yearnin'
Burnin' like the devil
I'm here for the rebound

Pass the ball
I know I'm on fire!
Yeah, yeah
You're on a roll!

 I know! 

What do you want
From your kingdom, sire?

I wanna take control...

I need a brand new game plan
No more warming benches
Like I've done before

Get your head in the game, man!
Here's what I'm thinking

Shit, she's coming
Out that door!
I'm gonna get her
If it's the last thing
That I do

But just remember
You can't get her
 without you/me too!

So buckle up, all you amateurs 
'Cause today were goin' pro
We're finally ready
So ready to go!

I'm ready to go...

We're finally ready
And the time is right
For us to light a spark

We're keepin' it steady
With our eyes on the prize
To get us through the dark

I know there's so much more
To what I think I see
I feel a change, and the
Strange thing is... it's part of me!

My hormones are freakin' out
And I think I'm gonna blow!

We're locked and loaded...

Oh, so devoted...
Low and demoted...
Totes, just toted...

We're finally ready
So ready to go!

People say, it's quite unlikely
The two of us should stick
But I just tell them... hey!

It's me and my- Dylan!
It's me and it's Meredith!
It's me and it's Jaime!
It's me and it's Walker!
It's me and it's Lopez!
It's me and it's BHole!
It's me and it's Brian!
(It's me and it's Darren)
It's me and it's... US!

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