Saturday, November 9, 2013

We don't wanna be sued

We don't wanna be sued

Music and lyrics: Darren Criss

Sung by: Darren Criss,
Nick Lang and Brian Holden.

(STM) Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker, Meredith Stepien.

LIVE: Starkid Takes Manhattan
We don't wanna
We don't wanna be sued
We’re not tryin'
Tryin' to be rude
'Cause it ain't funny
We ain't got the money
To lose...

We never wanted
Never wanted to fight
Legal issues
And misuse, and copyright!
If we annoy ya'
We ain't got no lawyers
To use...

So understand
That we're just fans
We can’t fight the man
So we're playin' it safe
And takin' our whole show down
So there's no show-down

But we'll still stick around
'Cause it won't slow us down
It's just for now
So stay tuned
We'll be back here soon

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